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"Mage Malcolm the Magnificent: Monstercide. Chapter One" is an epic tale about Malcolm, a powerful wizard that needs to embrace dark powers in order to save IndustrialCity from terrifying Ecologist Fairy Knights.


  • Piotr "Vinterdo" Brzeźny
  • Tymoteusz "CheessieStew" Kaczorowski
  • Piotr "hasparus" Pietrzak

Install instructions

Known bug in the current build: the max number of enemies will be lower each time you press "play again", it's best to simply restart the game.

It is also quite easy to get low FPS. Running the game in a low enough resolution (still looks pretty damn good!) should give you all the FPS you need.


MalcolmTheMagnificent.zip 63 MB

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